Sunday, May 15, 2011

About Childhood and Kids

There was a 'Bring you child to work' event at office the day before yesterday. There were games, magic show, puppet show, painting dancing, treasure hunts and lots of more such activities for kids. It was real fun looking at all the kids and their exuberating energy.

I also saw a few old people with their families there..and especially a very old lady, who was sitting with her grandchildren and making animals out of clay. The only thing which came to my mind looking at her was "childhood can never end"'s there.. within you.. always.

So here's a poem dedicated to all those kids out there and to our own childhood, which we all miss so badly!!

About Childhood and Kids

Perfect as fairytale
Innocent as a cow
Can only be childhood.

No responsibilties no complications
Morning is celebration
and evening is Christmas.

Mother showers all affection
father dotes on..
And there is grandma ofcourse
To take you around the town.

Where all outsiders are friends
and own brother is a foe
would share out all toys and gifts
and in the house tip toe.

Own style of conversation
and language of your own
Which only mama-papa understand
rest all are unknown.

Fight happens every second
and next minute back to being friends
With energy begins each day
With a story it ends.

Not scared of ghosts,
but a big hefty man...
Mum says he would you carry away
If you wanna be naughty you can?!

Do not underestimate
and consider as just another kid;
knowlegde of all worldly matters
would snap at you and get you rid.

We cry, we laugh, we fall, we rise
thats how we learn
less of theory, more of practical
We dream to be big and jabardast
today I am a doctor and tomorrow a pilot
the flight journey goes up and up!
All we give is positivity and surprise
So much to learn from us you big tall Guys!!

-Shweta Nayak

Osama- I got questions!!!

Despite all the celebrations made all over the world over Obama’s statement “Justice has been done”, referring to the innocent victims of 26/11 attack, somehow somewhere, my logical brain still continues to muse over some of the details of this news announcing America’s victory over the Al-Qaida chief Osama Bin Laden. The US has finally accomplished it with their well-armed forces and their brave commandos from SEAL, in addition to a superior intelligence CIA, but I find it difficult to believe some things somewhere and here are the reasons why..
1. First and the foremost.. Why did the US wrap up such a big achievement and bury the entire matter in such haste! 40 minute-long operation, 40 SEAL commandos, 1 bungalow in Abbotabad, Pakistan and the world’s ROOT of TERROR killed, and with-in a day they have already buried him!!
2. If Osama has been killed, justice has indeed been done; not only for the US, but for the entire World, because it wasn’t just America, but the whole world which has been a victim of terrorism. I am sure everyone would like to know how he was killed..of course we did hear the story..but since this is not a mythology, the world would like to know the details, and more...but all we get to see is just one single Headline over all the news channels! And Obama’s snaps while he was monitoring the operation. We live in the 21st century boss! We are rationals, we need proof.
3. Justification has been provided by the US for having buried Osama quickly, that they did not want any further speculations over the matter, lest he would be given the title of a martyr, by people influenced by him. Also no photos have been released the reason stated by Obama- because it could have incited violence and used as an al-Qaida propaganda tool.
4. Latest I hear, US has been changing statements too. They first said Osama was armed and now they say he was unarmed, which has raised accusations Washington has violated international Law.
5. Pakistan as well as Saudi Arabia, Osama’s mother country refused accept Osama’s dead corpse. They then buried him according to Islamic tradition, in the sea at a location which is again undisclosed.
6. I remember listening to news when I was younger, and we all know how smart and technologically advanced Osama was. It is not a child’s play to conduct terrorist activities of this magnitude and be scott-free for 9 long years. He literally shook and seemed to control the world. Imagine the strength of forces and intelligence the US spent over all these years, trying to locate him, and now he was betrayed by his own deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri who led US forces to his hideout.
7. Hadn’t it also been found that Laden had or he had created many look-alikes, and a lot of Laden has been spotted/found moments were nothing but his look-alikes. He sent video tapes, equate this to an open challenge, and no one could ever trace him!
Could this also be one of the look alikes? But this is not, because they have tested his DNA, which brings me to my next argument.
8. They say they matched his DNA with his sister’s brain tissues who died about a year ago. It is simply difficult to accept the fact that the US would let go of Bin Laden’s body so easily, within a day!!!
9. What happened to the SEAL commandos, shouldn’t they be honoured for their feat!? Forget about honour, we don’t even know their names, or haven’t even seen their faces! If they have killed Osama, they deserve nothing less than their names being written in gold, to be known for generations to come! The credits belong more to them than to Obama!
10. The US wanted to get hold of Osama alive, but had to kill him because he tried defending (they have already changed their statement on this now). Why were the other two people killed? Couldn’t they have been caught alive? In fact, since they stayed with Osama or were one of his closest aides, it would have been possible to dig out all the details (about Osama’s past and future master plans) from these two, once Osama had been killed. But alas, that opportunity also seems to be lost by the US!

In short, we know, or rather the US has left no scope to know nothing more than the statement “osama is dead” ..take it or leave further arguments seems to be the hidden message. But why? Isn’t this everyone’s right to information, shouldn’t we be questioning the US on this. Are we simply going to take this from Obama and digest it with nodding and bowed down heads?

I certainly want to know the story, and I hope it gets uncovered in the days to come, I would follow the news for that. Time alone will reveal it..I am sure this is not it... there is more to this, and this story I bet is further going to have it’s own twists and turns! I bet Osama cannot be dead so easily! He is gonna linger more on all the news channels for longer!!

Come back to blogging

This is a sincere second attempt by me towards blogging, and I intend to be regular this time around. I started blogging about an year back, but the determination couldnt last too long. Probably my start with a negative title itself hinted it somewhere ;)...Anyways..I have come a long way from then till now. Things have changed for me.. I am no more an Engineering student, but am a working Professional now!! :P :P
Well, so with a little more experience and exposure, I wish to start this endeavour once again and this time hope to stick to it longer.
Posting my first comeback article on that note. It is on the latest hot topic in media..and I wrote this on May 4th and lot more news has come out on this since then.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Among the crowds was just another person..
No one ever really thought he had an emotion!
He wouldn’t talk, nor socialize,
Was a person nobody could idolise.
Alone isolated, In his own world…
He was an ANONYMOUS..yes that’s the word!!!

Until I got to know him inside out,
I never knew he existed before, No doubt!
Donno how we became friends, and there was a revelation…
Behind the face was hidden a totally different person!!
Who had deep thinking and superb notions,
A heart of Gold and a brain full of questions!!
He was ambitious, curious, friendly and all.
I was lost in thoughts…”How could looks be so deceptive at all?”.
He is an artist at heart and a scientist at brain,
An unusual combo of colors with source, gate and drain.
Of child-like nature yet totally sane!
He would be with me always empathizing in my pain.
Inspired, moved, stunned and Synonymous!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


THE FIRST EVER blog of my life….rather THE FIRST EVER article of my life!! Yeahh….lemme clear it first & foremost…I am not at all a writer material. Infact, the only creative writing that I have done in my life TILL DATE, is writing essays in school days, that too more out of compulsion than out of option. Whatever! That’s not an excuse at all, coz now that I HAVE decided to have my own blog (reasons immaterial), I HAVE to manage to write fairly good. I know there are no ISI standards for blogs, but I can atleast try to impress a couple of friends and grab a few eyeballs!!?
Now, grabbing eyeballs doesn’t mean I am going to create a controversy or take up a controversial topic (both are the latest trends and go hand in hand with publicity). Not that I can’t create a controversy if I DO intend to (??...), just why waste some precious time, energy, space… of mine as well as yours. Nor am I gonna go for any topic related to Bollywood or its list of celebs…surely not! After all, REALITY and REEL-ITY are two different things. So what if I liked the promos of KCK and I am going all ‘gung ho’ over the song ‘Uff teri ada..’, but ON MY FIRST BLOG, I think I should better start off focusing on REAL topics, shouldn’t I? Writing on an ongoing political issue is too bad an idea as well. There are already many people doing that, who have much more knowledge about such things & have a valid say or an arguable point over everything. My knowledge in SUCH matters almost rounds up to a null vector! (000)…So, even this topic is out of question! I am not even gonna preach, teach or jhadofy some of the philosophies of LIFE & BEING--- Ahh! Too boring for my first post. Inspirational and motivational articles do help ofcourse, but who wants to sound like an auntyji right at first! Afterall, first impression is the last one.
Heyy n ya… Mind you! I can’t just do that imaginative and creative thinking haan. Yeah, exactly the ones like the hindi film lyrics writers, who can compare and contrast all the ‘functional organs’ of a girl to almost anything…a flower, the moon, the sun, space, universe….infinity. What amazes me more is that the poets seem to write an entire poem just inspired by something as small as a butterfly. All those metaphors, similes and onomotopoeias (I’m so sure I again spelled it wrong), I have already forgotten them loooong back, I learnt them only for scoring good marks in my 10th actually. I know I shouldn’t divert from the topic…so ya that reminds me..’FICTION’. Lol!.... Yaha Newton-Darwin-Einstein ne pehlese jo cheeze soch kar rakkhi hai, wahi samajh nai paye…khudka apna kya khakh sochenge?? Hmm…but I wish I had such a talent so that I could write books like Chetan Bhagat does…he actually writes a book keeping in mind how it could be turned into a movie, well that’s what I think!
How about telling you guys something about myself? Ahh… had you promised me a good job and an attractive package, I would have surely bragged about myself, my acads, extras and stuff. But I AM PRACTICAL ENOUGH to know that none of the CEOs/MDs/ Managers of a reputed firm, not even the officer in the local consultancy agency are gonna read my blog. And even if they do (justtt in case..) they are surely not gonna give me a job reading my blog!! Hehe. That simply means, I have no creative juices, no talent of writing on my own, and no wish to let my imaginative horses run…either my horses are too lazy or they are conserving their energy. How sad it that. So…the last option left with me…and the most favourite one of today’s electronics generation coz it’s all thanks to this are they spared of taking up troubles for lots of things. It’s something we all use daily and is responsible for 99% of crap on our desktops and lappys. Yes it’s the ‘control C control V’. But it is not at all ethical enough to copy someone elses work, but as of now I am here to write something all by myself. So it has to be authentically mine.
Ohh this is just turning out to be longer and seems to have no definite direction whatsoever. Somebody has rightly said, ”Confusion hi confusion hai … solution kuch pata nahi” Did I just make it sound like some gyani mahapurush has said it? No it’s just the RANCHODDAS SHYAMLAL CHACHAD! Whatever…. so the CONCLUSION IS THAT, THERE IS NO CONCLUSION. All the different voices of ME, COULD NOT make a unanimous decision. So here I am, dropping the idea of my first blog ever, uff….what to do, some issues can only be debated upon & cannot be concluded! How can you expect an ordinary person like ME to do what our biggest of politicians and world leaders could not do till date?

Ahem.. so, here I am, sadly announcing it aloud…”I GIVE IT UP GUYz” It just doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea. “I QUITTT!!!!!”