Sunday, May 15, 2011

Osama- I got questions!!!

Despite all the celebrations made all over the world over Obama’s statement “Justice has been done”, referring to the innocent victims of 26/11 attack, somehow somewhere, my logical brain still continues to muse over some of the details of this news announcing America’s victory over the Al-Qaida chief Osama Bin Laden. The US has finally accomplished it with their well-armed forces and their brave commandos from SEAL, in addition to a superior intelligence CIA, but I find it difficult to believe some things somewhere and here are the reasons why..
1. First and the foremost.. Why did the US wrap up such a big achievement and bury the entire matter in such haste! 40 minute-long operation, 40 SEAL commandos, 1 bungalow in Abbotabad, Pakistan and the world’s ROOT of TERROR killed, and with-in a day they have already buried him!!
2. If Osama has been killed, justice has indeed been done; not only for the US, but for the entire World, because it wasn’t just America, but the whole world which has been a victim of terrorism. I am sure everyone would like to know how he was killed..of course we did hear the story..but since this is not a mythology, the world would like to know the details, and more...but all we get to see is just one single Headline over all the news channels! And Obama’s snaps while he was monitoring the operation. We live in the 21st century boss! We are rationals, we need proof.
3. Justification has been provided by the US for having buried Osama quickly, that they did not want any further speculations over the matter, lest he would be given the title of a martyr, by people influenced by him. Also no photos have been released the reason stated by Obama- because it could have incited violence and used as an al-Qaida propaganda tool.
4. Latest I hear, US has been changing statements too. They first said Osama was armed and now they say he was unarmed, which has raised accusations Washington has violated international Law.
5. Pakistan as well as Saudi Arabia, Osama’s mother country refused accept Osama’s dead corpse. They then buried him according to Islamic tradition, in the sea at a location which is again undisclosed.
6. I remember listening to news when I was younger, and we all know how smart and technologically advanced Osama was. It is not a child’s play to conduct terrorist activities of this magnitude and be scott-free for 9 long years. He literally shook and seemed to control the world. Imagine the strength of forces and intelligence the US spent over all these years, trying to locate him, and now he was betrayed by his own deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri who led US forces to his hideout.
7. Hadn’t it also been found that Laden had or he had created many look-alikes, and a lot of Laden has been spotted/found moments were nothing but his look-alikes. He sent video tapes, equate this to an open challenge, and no one could ever trace him!
Could this also be one of the look alikes? But this is not, because they have tested his DNA, which brings me to my next argument.
8. They say they matched his DNA with his sister’s brain tissues who died about a year ago. It is simply difficult to accept the fact that the US would let go of Bin Laden’s body so easily, within a day!!!
9. What happened to the SEAL commandos, shouldn’t they be honoured for their feat!? Forget about honour, we don’t even know their names, or haven’t even seen their faces! If they have killed Osama, they deserve nothing less than their names being written in gold, to be known for generations to come! The credits belong more to them than to Obama!
10. The US wanted to get hold of Osama alive, but had to kill him because he tried defending (they have already changed their statement on this now). Why were the other two people killed? Couldn’t they have been caught alive? In fact, since they stayed with Osama or were one of his closest aides, it would have been possible to dig out all the details (about Osama’s past and future master plans) from these two, once Osama had been killed. But alas, that opportunity also seems to be lost by the US!

In short, we know, or rather the US has left no scope to know nothing more than the statement “osama is dead” ..take it or leave further arguments seems to be the hidden message. But why? Isn’t this everyone’s right to information, shouldn’t we be questioning the US on this. Are we simply going to take this from Obama and digest it with nodding and bowed down heads?

I certainly want to know the story, and I hope it gets uncovered in the days to come, I would follow the news for that. Time alone will reveal it..I am sure this is not it... there is more to this, and this story I bet is further going to have it’s own twists and turns! I bet Osama cannot be dead so easily! He is gonna linger more on all the news channels for longer!!

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