Monday, January 25, 2010


THE FIRST EVER blog of my life….rather THE FIRST EVER article of my life!! Yeahh….lemme clear it first & foremost…I am not at all a writer material. Infact, the only creative writing that I have done in my life TILL DATE, is writing essays in school days, that too more out of compulsion than out of option. Whatever! That’s not an excuse at all, coz now that I HAVE decided to have my own blog (reasons immaterial), I HAVE to manage to write fairly good. I know there are no ISI standards for blogs, but I can atleast try to impress a couple of friends and grab a few eyeballs!!?
Now, grabbing eyeballs doesn’t mean I am going to create a controversy or take up a controversial topic (both are the latest trends and go hand in hand with publicity). Not that I can’t create a controversy if I DO intend to (??...), just why waste some precious time, energy, space… of mine as well as yours. Nor am I gonna go for any topic related to Bollywood or its list of celebs…surely not! After all, REALITY and REEL-ITY are two different things. So what if I liked the promos of KCK and I am going all ‘gung ho’ over the song ‘Uff teri ada..’, but ON MY FIRST BLOG, I think I should better start off focusing on REAL topics, shouldn’t I? Writing on an ongoing political issue is too bad an idea as well. There are already many people doing that, who have much more knowledge about such things & have a valid say or an arguable point over everything. My knowledge in SUCH matters almost rounds up to a null vector! (000)…So, even this topic is out of question! I am not even gonna preach, teach or jhadofy some of the philosophies of LIFE & BEING--- Ahh! Too boring for my first post. Inspirational and motivational articles do help ofcourse, but who wants to sound like an auntyji right at first! Afterall, first impression is the last one.
Heyy n ya… Mind you! I can’t just do that imaginative and creative thinking haan. Yeah, exactly the ones like the hindi film lyrics writers, who can compare and contrast all the ‘functional organs’ of a girl to almost anything…a flower, the moon, the sun, space, universe….infinity. What amazes me more is that the poets seem to write an entire poem just inspired by something as small as a butterfly. All those metaphors, similes and onomotopoeias (I’m so sure I again spelled it wrong), I have already forgotten them loooong back, I learnt them only for scoring good marks in my 10th actually. I know I shouldn’t divert from the topic…so ya that reminds me..’FICTION’. Lol!.... Yaha Newton-Darwin-Einstein ne pehlese jo cheeze soch kar rakkhi hai, wahi samajh nai paye…khudka apna kya khakh sochenge?? Hmm…but I wish I had such a talent so that I could write books like Chetan Bhagat does…he actually writes a book keeping in mind how it could be turned into a movie, well that’s what I think!
How about telling you guys something about myself? Ahh… had you promised me a good job and an attractive package, I would have surely bragged about myself, my acads, extras and stuff. But I AM PRACTICAL ENOUGH to know that none of the CEOs/MDs/ Managers of a reputed firm, not even the officer in the local consultancy agency are gonna read my blog. And even if they do (justtt in case..) they are surely not gonna give me a job reading my blog!! Hehe. That simply means, I have no creative juices, no talent of writing on my own, and no wish to let my imaginative horses run…either my horses are too lazy or they are conserving their energy. How sad it that. So…the last option left with me…and the most favourite one of today’s electronics generation coz it’s all thanks to this are they spared of taking up troubles for lots of things. It’s something we all use daily and is responsible for 99% of crap on our desktops and lappys. Yes it’s the ‘control C control V’. But it is not at all ethical enough to copy someone elses work, but as of now I am here to write something all by myself. So it has to be authentically mine.
Ohh this is just turning out to be longer and seems to have no definite direction whatsoever. Somebody has rightly said, ”Confusion hi confusion hai … solution kuch pata nahi” Did I just make it sound like some gyani mahapurush has said it? No it’s just the RANCHODDAS SHYAMLAL CHACHAD! Whatever…. so the CONCLUSION IS THAT, THERE IS NO CONCLUSION. All the different voices of ME, COULD NOT make a unanimous decision. So here I am, dropping the idea of my first blog ever, uff….what to do, some issues can only be debated upon & cannot be concluded! How can you expect an ordinary person like ME to do what our biggest of politicians and world leaders could not do till date?

Ahem.. so, here I am, sadly announcing it aloud…”I GIVE IT UP GUYz” It just doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea. “I QUITTT!!!!!”


  1. Your failure was very successful. :):)
    Nice presentation of topic "NO TOPIC"
    keep the good work going!!

    All the best