Sunday, May 15, 2011

About Childhood and Kids

There was a 'Bring you child to work' event at office the day before yesterday. There were games, magic show, puppet show, painting dancing, treasure hunts and lots of more such activities for kids. It was real fun looking at all the kids and their exuberating energy.

I also saw a few old people with their families there..and especially a very old lady, who was sitting with her grandchildren and making animals out of clay. The only thing which came to my mind looking at her was "childhood can never end"'s there.. within you.. always.

So here's a poem dedicated to all those kids out there and to our own childhood, which we all miss so badly!!

About Childhood and Kids

Perfect as fairytale
Innocent as a cow
Can only be childhood.

No responsibilties no complications
Morning is celebration
and evening is Christmas.

Mother showers all affection
father dotes on..
And there is grandma ofcourse
To take you around the town.

Where all outsiders are friends
and own brother is a foe
would share out all toys and gifts
and in the house tip toe.

Own style of conversation
and language of your own
Which only mama-papa understand
rest all are unknown.

Fight happens every second
and next minute back to being friends
With energy begins each day
With a story it ends.

Not scared of ghosts,
but a big hefty man...
Mum says he would you carry away
If you wanna be naughty you can?!

Do not underestimate
and consider as just another kid;
knowlegde of all worldly matters
would snap at you and get you rid.

We cry, we laugh, we fall, we rise
thats how we learn
less of theory, more of practical
We dream to be big and jabardast
today I am a doctor and tomorrow a pilot
the flight journey goes up and up!
All we give is positivity and surprise
So much to learn from us you big tall Guys!!

-Shweta Nayak

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